Ben Affleck actually enjoyed making Justice League!


Ben Affleck has made some made plenty of movies throughout his career, but none as physically challenging than his portrayal of the Dark Knight – Batman. First in Zak Snyder’s Batman vs Superman, which by all accounts was as dark on set as it was on screen.

Recently, Ben Affleck has commented that his experience filming Justice League, while as physically demanding, was much more enjoyable...

“Everybody got along and I think it comes across in the movie. You see the comradery of this group. You root for them to come together and a part of that is we all genuinely like each other and had complementary personalities and skillsets as these heroes and that was just a lot of fun. It was much more fun than the last movie because I had all these people to play with”.

Justice LEague Teasers.jpg

Good to hear when the whole premise of the movie is a team coming together. If the actors are working and collaborating well together during the production of a movie, then it’s safe to assume that the chemistry is translated on screen right?  We’ll see soon enough.

My worry is that directorial changes and DC’s inability to hit on quite what it is that Marvel movies have mastered, will mean we will see a movie that has inconsistent tone and doesn’t quite live up to our expectationsBut with Justice League being the big dance for DC it simply has too.

You can see how well the team gets along when Justice League opens in theaters on November 17. Don't forget that you can also pre-order your tickets for Justice League.

Written: JW Editor