M. Night Shyamalan starts filming on Glass

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After several bombs at the box office over the past decade  M. Night Shyamalan redeemed himself in the eyes of many Hollywood execs and most importantly international audiences with the cleverly crafted movie Split. Now Shyamalan has returned to complete the third part of this movie universe. His next film Glass which continues the story of David Dunn, Mr Glass and Kevin Wendell Crumb has started filming in the US.

Shyamalan hasn’t been shy about sharing his excitement with the fans, with multiple teases on twitter regarding films locations, script developments (no spoilers), rehearsal details,  and discussions with actors.  Some may find this openness ironic for a director who has made his name directing some of the most secretive, plot twisting movies of his generation. But we are excited to see Shyamalan back to his enthusiastic best.

Glass is due to be relased in cinemas on January 18, 2019

Written: JW Editor 

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