Gambit makes a romantic choice for release date...


Channing Tatum’s Gambit movie finally has a director and a release date. Gore Verbinski, has been confirmed to direct, and the movie will be released in theatres on Valentine’s  day, February 14, 2019. The movie has had several stop starts with multiple script treatments and directors having been previously proposed and rejected.

The movie has been in development since at around 2007, when Fox and Marvel proposed a plan to produce Gambit as a spinoff from the Hugh Jackman movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


Taylor Kitsch was initially cast in the title role, however due to the uncertainties and delays Kitsch decided to move to alternative projects and Tatum was cast. Interestingly Tatum has decided to stay with the project even with multiple additional delays and false starts. Tatum has expressed that his fandom for the character of Gambit has kept him in the role even though he’s received offers for other projects and had to continually balance scheduling. He’s quoted as saying he’s excited to “…do something that this genre of movie hasn’t done before,”

We have no idea what the movie will be about (besides the Cajun mutant), or what storyline it’ll focus on. We do know that the script, according to Tatum, has been undergoing “a bit of a rethink,” since, after Deadpool and Logan, superhero movies can be a lot edgier and potentially R-rated without sacrificing anything at the box office.

Written: JW, Editor