New Justice League Character Posters


They're all in. DC and Warner Bros. have released a new series of posters for their upcoming blockbuster Justice League, which will arrive in theaters on November 17th. Where the last major poster for the movie, which will now be a collaborative project between Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon as directors, featured the team in one place, the latest set shows each character in portrait. There’s a passing similarity with the recent series of Mike Mitchell‘s Mondo Star Wars portraits and the style is more than suitable to these titans of comic book lore. There’s a simplicity to the compositions that is agreeably at odds with the often chaotic look and feel of the DC films that hopefully Justice League will be able to avert.

Updated: Its also all but confirmed that a New Trailer will be released on Sunday.



Images via Warner Bros.


Justice League will follow in the footsteps of Wonder Woman, the most purely enjoyable movie for the DCEU to date and currently the seventh most popular film of 2017 at the worldwide box office, right after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Though the movie will clearly make a lofty amount of money, what will be most interesting about Justice League is how it reconciles Whedon and Snyder’s very different styles within its runtime while also laying the groundwork for singular movies about Batman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman, as well as the inevitable return of Superman in the wake of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  As the tweet points out, prints of these Justice League posters will be available in October, but we’ll still have to wait until November to see how all of this will come together.