Kingsman 3 being planned - Lead Bad reveal?  

In an in interview with  Taron Egerton, the star of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, speaks about the success of the Kingsman franchise, it's grossed over $500 million worldwide to date, and reveals that Kingsman 3 is not only planned, but pre-production has started, at least conceptually. .. But it's still a little surprising, right?

Egerton says he "knows the storyline" which will "blow everything you think you know about it out of the water." The better part, though, is what he has to say about the villain:

"I know who the character is and it's nothing like this actor, but I love Dwayne Johnson. I think he's the right fit for it, but the villain role Matthew has described to me is not Dwayne Johnson."

Johnson, is one of Hollywood’s hottest male stars right now. Whether or not he could pull off a convincing villain is yet to be seen, but the tone of the Kingsman Franchise is probably a perfect fit for Johnson's over the top style.   

To date comic book movies from Marvel, DC, Fox have struggled to find a lead villain that is a convincing threat to the heroes and that audiences can get invested in. The Kingsman franchise has been suprising on many levels to date, so maybe it can be the first to pull it off. 

Written, JW Editor