New Images of Rey's Forceback

Today Star Wars.com released this image of a potential unused image from Rey's Forceback in The Force Awakens. 

The artwork appears to show, Rey being sucked our of the Emperors throne room from Return of the Jedi.  However this scene is actually features a Death Star that is submerged underwater! Regardless the image seems to mirror the scene in The Empire Strikes Back, where Luke was also sucked out a window while fighting Darth Vader.

Does this provide further evidence of a close connection between Luke and Rey? Is it a family connection? Most likely not.

But Rey does seem to have a strong connection with the Force itself. Her Forceback in TFA highlights her connection to the significant force events from the past, and in the trailer for The Last Jedi,  Rey is heard to say she can see "..the balance" which may highlight her connection to future significant force events.

Written: JW, Editor