Eight questions we want answered about The Last Jedi

1. Where is the Trailer??

Mark Hamil tells us that it will be October 9th during an ESPN NFL game. But his tweet in which he announced that has been deleted... so the wait continues. This time last year we'd already seen the Rogue One trailer and were dissecting frame by frame. Could it have something to do with the backlash Lucasfilm received from fans after a large amount of  content from the Rogue One trailer did not appear in the movie?. Are Lucasfilm being a little more cautious about having a final film completed first? Our prediction is that the new trailer timing will be similar to the final TFA trailer and appear during a NFL game in October. 

2. Who is Snoke? 

The big question for the big bad. Fan theories include everyone from Darth Vader, Star Wars Rebels characters, Boba Fett, to Kitster.  Pablo Hidalgo who famously inspired the "Your Snoke Theory Sucks" meme, has already suggested Snoke is just Snoke, but that remains to be seen.  Will The Last Jedi explore the origins of this character or will he remain a mystery into Episode 9?

3. Who are Rey's parents?

Who left Rey on Jakku? We saw glimpses of Rey being left with Unkar Plutt in Rey's force vision during The Force Awakens. But beyond this there is no real information.  Rian Johnson has said that Rey's parentage would be addressed in The Last Jedi, but didn't explicitly say that would we would learn who they are. This could signal that they aren't anyone of particular note, which may come as a disappointment to some of us who are hoping she is a Kenobi or Skywalker.  

4. Is it time for the Jedi to End? 

Luke Skywalker in the teaser trailer for The Last Jedi is heard to say " I only know one truth, its time for the Jedi to end." This caused rampant speculation with fans regarding Luke's current state of mind - has he gone to the dark side, did the destruction of his Jedi academy break his belief in his abilities, has he discovered something on Ach To that has convinced him to end the order? Again Rian Johnson has given us some hints that we will indeed learn the reasons for Luke's hesitation to train Rey, but that its complicated.  

5. What impact did Hans death have on Kylo?

"I know what i have to do..." Did Kylo's murdering of Han Solo free him from his conflicted feelings and the pull to the light? We've heard that his actions have not given him his desired result, and instead driven him to feel overwhelming guilt. We also have heard that he places much of his hatred on Rey and is obsessed with revenge.  No doubt Snoke will use Kylo's state of mind to manipulate him to his advantage, and goal of  destroying the Resistance.

6. How will the film resolve the issue of Carrie Fishers death?

With Fisher's sad passing this year, shes left a hole in more ways than one in the Star Wars universe.  We understand that all her filming was complete for Episode 8, however this leaves the issue of how to handle this in Episode 9.  Will her character be killed off screen somehow at the end of Episode 8. Will the writers of Episode 9 (who ever this ends up being) simply write her character out, or keep her busy with an off screen mission. Whatever the case it will be a large challenge to develop a suitable end and closure for an iconic character.

7. Will Captain Phasma actually do something?

 Rian Johnson has stated that Phasma has a role in The Last Jedi and she kicks ass. We hope so.  Phasma certainly has the potential to be one of the most interesting characters on in the sequel trilogy.  That remains to be seen, but if the recent novel Phasma, is any indication the character is finally getting some well warranted spotlight.

8. Is JJ Abrams the right director for Episode 9. 

With Collin Treverrow's departure from the film, Lucasfilm has made the decision oto Appoint JJ Abrams to takeover the role. Based on  box Office results, critics and fan reactions to The Force Awakens it made sense that JJ was the leading candidate. However, while there's no doubt that the The Force Awakens was a huge success, some fans considered it too conservative, and that it relied to much on nostalgia. Some saying that it was basically a remake of a New Hope.  Most likely this was a business decision by Lucasfilm and Disney to ensure Star Wars was once again established as a giant franchise for the next generation. We just hope for Episode 9, JJ is provided the creative freedom to take the story, and trilogy to an exciting conclusion.


Written: JW, Editor