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Star Wars - Its isn't being made for you..

12. 09.2017

Bad News - They aren’t making Star Wars just for you.

Ok so to be upfront, I’m a big Star Wars fan, a huge one. My house has way too many “collectables” and I use movie quotes in far too many conversations to be healthy.

Being so passionate about something is great. Everyone geeks out about something, whether it be movies, cars, sports, or accounting. I’m glad my vice is Star Wars.

But something is bothering me about the state of fandom. It’s our expectations. Our expectation that every minute detail in the Star Wars universe has to be perfect. Not just perfect, but perfect for us individually.  It can be those high individual expectations that get in the way of our enjoyment.

I think (and of course I’m generalizing here) we overstate the importance of ourselves and our opinion in the grand scheme of Star Wars fandom.   Yes, of course your opinion as a fan matters, you’re the one seeing the movies, buying the books, the awesome toys and keeping the Star Wars brand relevant.

But guess what, that doesn’t mean it’s being made just for you. It’s being made for everyone.  This may mean there will be parts of Star Wars that you might not enjoy or agree with.

Particular hot topics since the Disney purchase have been – the introduction of LGBT characters, perceived political content, castings based on race, sex, and droid componentry.

The launch of Forces of Destiny toy range and episode shorts, seemed to cause a fuss with some fans who complained that they didn’t like the animation style, the stories or the toys, and that they were too childish or to girly.  This is an example of what I’m talking about. Of course a middle aged man might not  relate to Forces of Destiny, it’s clearly targeted at a young audience.

Again, not everything is for you.

Of course expectations can be a good thing. But, it can also ruin it an experience for you. When you build up your own definitive head cannon and a film or book doesn’t live up to that, you tend to blame the director, the writer and maybe even..Disney. 

Maybe you shouldn’t blame anyone. Maybe instead, you should trade your expectations for appreciation, and learn to accept that there will be parts of Star Wars that you won’t like, and that is ok. After all Star Wars has been around for 40 years, and will likely be around for at least another 40 years, so there’s plenty of content to go around.

Just remember, its ok to not like parts of Star Wars. Absorb the parts you love, and leave the parts you don’t. Let other people do the same. Disagree with them passionately, but be respectful of their opinions.

Remember change is a constant thing. The original three Star Wars movies changed everything, that’s why we loved them so much. They pushed the boundaries of film making and story telling.

Do we really want Star Wars to play it safe?

Written: JW, Editor.