Emilia Clarke wraps filming on Han Solo Movie 


Ron Howard has released his latest PR twitter pic off the Set of the Untitled Han Solo Movie. This time its to announce the wrap of filming for Emilia Clarke. 

Clarke is reportedly playing one of Hans off siders in the film and has a pivotal role in helping to shape Hans direction in the movie. 

With filming effectively coming to a close, Ron will soon switch his attention to post production duties. Our collective fingers are crossed that Howard continues to share images as the film comes together.

Since the departure of sacked directors Lord and Miller, replacement director and long time friend of George Lucas as been teasing fans with on set pictures, both obvious and mysterious.

The troubled film has been a source of high debate with fans after losing its two original directors due to "creative differences" with Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy.

Many Fans have also questioned the validity of even having a 'Solo' film for the universes most famous smuggler, with some thinking it only has the potential to spoil the mystic and ruin the character. 

However, since Ron Howard's introduction as director, the seems to be a changing tide of opinion due to both Howards experience and track record with successful films, and also his clever use of positive PR  via images on twitter.

The as yet untitled Han Solo film is due for release in May 2018

Written:  JW,  Editor