10 Call outs from the Last Jedi Trailer

Finally the long overdue and anticipated Star Wars – The Last Jedi Trailer has arrived, and boy it was worth waiting for. As a trailer it was visually stunning, familiar yet somehow different, beautifully edited (in conjunction with Rian Johnson), but mostly intriguing, the trailer while being packed full of images and seemingly plot spoiling scenes actually didn’t tell us anything specific about the plot. Rian Johnson has used misdirection to great effect, and so we’re left with a Star Wars fans favourite pastime, speculation.

1. Luke takes the Saber.

luke hand Trailer.jpg

OK, this we do know. Following on immediately after the events of The Force Awakens, we clearly see Luke take the saber, but by the look on his face, he’s not happy to see it again. We also get a close up of the mechanical hand luke is sporting sans skin. The main question is does Luke give the saber back to Rey, does he accept her as a student, is he even willing to help her? Hasbro’s Luke figure does give us some additional lines that could be an indicator of his initial reaction “Why are you Here?”, “Leave this place”

2. Rey’s Training

rey trailer.png

We see Rey welding a lightsaber and practising her fighting skills, but is this under the instruction of Luke? The first teaser and the Imax poster shows Luke standing on the cliff above watching over Rey while she trains. However, Luke looks and sounds very hesitant throughout the whole trailer, and apparently he thinks “It’s time for the Jedi to end.” so is this Rey defiantly training herself instead? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a Jedi Student / Padawn in star wars go against the wishes of their master..

3. Leia’s story


 “Let the past die,” says Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) in voiceover, during a furious space battle. “Kill it. If you have to.” We then see his estranged mother General Leia (the late Carrie Fisher) aboard the ship he appears to attacking, looking pensive, and Kylo looking hesitant, his finger hovering over a fire button. For me this is clearly misdirection, if it was Leias demise there is no way Lucasfilm would show it in a trailer. More likely this is a scene where Leia and Kylo sense each other and communicate via the force potentially setting up higher emotional stakes for a potential confrontation later in the movie or in Episode 9. But, this does raise the question, what will Lucasfilm / JJ do with Leia. Recast, CGI, or will they simply Kill Leia off screen

4. There’s going to be a giant walker battle


Some Cynical fans may groan at the sight of walkers in the middle of a star wars trilogy. It may even lead some to call the film an Empire Strikes Back clone. But, I’d call awesome. The first order Walkers or AT-M6’s (All Terrain Megacaliber Six) appear to be huge, with what appears to be ape like legs with wrist joints and giant cannons (the M6 part) on the top. The scene appear appears to marry up with the scene of Resistance ski speeders churing up red dust from the first teaser trailer in August. All indications are is that the resistance is going to come under serious attack on the mining planet Crait. I can’t see tow cables being effective against these giants.

5. Kylo’s scar

First Rian Johnson moved Kylo’s scar from the original wound Rey inflicted in The Force Awakens, now he’s covered it up with some form of Space Band- aid. Seriously though, assuming he wears the band aid early in the movie it give us a timeline indication for some of the trailer scenes. For example the scene in which Kylo is apparently considering shooting Leia out of the sky, Kylo is wearing the band aid, so we can assume that its earlier in the movie – potentially (spoiler alert) the evacuation of D’Qar. And when Kylo is reaching out to Rey at the end of the trailer he’s sans band aid. Another interesting point is that we are starting to see Kylo wear his helmet less and less, potentially signalling he’s done with trying to be a Vader wanna be

6. Finn and Phasma will duke it out

In one of the most visually striking scenes, we see the showdown between Finn and Phasma. When we last we saw them, Finn was in a Force-induced coma, Captain Phasma was presumed to be languishing in a trash compactor. But clearly they are both back,  with the former stormtrooper – dressed in a First Order uniform, suggesting he embarks on an undercover mission – meeting his horrible boss head on. Finn is wielding the Z6 riot control baton that the meme-favourite “traitor” stormtrooper battled with in Episode VII, while Phasma (a character Johnson has promised will have a meatier role this time) appears to be wielding some sort of extendable staff.

7. Luke looks very scared


Those fans hoping to see Luke Skywalker in all his Jedi mastery, slashing down Stormtroopers and using his force powers to bring down star ships may not be getting what they expect. Yoda was right, Luke is afraid. “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. I wasn’t afraid enough of it then…I am now” The question is who is he referring to? And what has lead him to be so afraid. Was it Kylo’s destruction of his Jedi Training Academy? Or was it something Luke has learned at the first Jedi Temple? Perhaps it is something to do with the chosen one…

8. We’ll see Snoke in person, and using the Force


Supreme Leader Snoke only appeared via hologram in The Force Awakens, but now we see him in all his horrible glory, and no he’s not 20 feet tall. In The Last Jedi, it looks as though he’ll encounter and possibly torture Rey using the force. Toy and print media content suggest that indeed Snoke does have telekinesis abilities, but to what extend he manipulates the force we will need to wait and see.   

9. Porgs are a Wookies best friend.


Every time we see this is the trailer we laugh. Love them or hate them (and some fans definitely hate them), Porgs are set to be a major part of the merchandising plan for The Last Jedi. What role do Porgs play in the movie is yet to be determined but if this scene is anything to go by, we will see at least one of them go on a bit of an adventure in the Falcon.

10. ‘That’ Rey and Kylo moment.


“I need someone to show me my place in all of this,” says Rey in the trailer’s epilogue. Cut to Kylo, extending an outstretched black glove...an olive branch of friendship? A helping hand? An invitation to the First Order? Is this the shock that director Rian Johnson has been teasing? Could Rey be betraying her Jedi training? It would certainly be a big twist. But again, my opinion is this is just misdirection. While the lighting for both characters looks similar, there are too many differences in the background and lighting shadow variations. But it does raise the question, Luke doesn’t help her, will Rey consider help from Kylo, or is Kylo re-considering his allegiance with snoke.

Written: JW, Editor