Information on Warwick Davis' character from the Untitled Han Solo Movie has revealed some information on the character Warwick Davis will be playing in the yet to be titled Han Solo Movie.  

Warwick Davis has appeared in all star wars movies since Episode one: The phantom Menace.

The article shown below

“Rumor has it Warwick Davis is playing a power droid called Fight Droid 2. Fight Droid 2 is a new take on a familiar power droid aesthetic. The spin on the power droid is way cooler than the box with legs Kenner sold us a little kids in the late seventies and early eighties. He’s not like any power droid we’ve seen on screen before.

Fight Droid 2 is decked out with weapons like a chainsaw and a buzzsaw blade for hands. One source jokingly called him the Boba Fett of awesome-yet-lame robots because his utility is killer and he’s perfectly absurd and entirely Star Wars.

I love the idea of a character like Han Solo looking at this thing because his reaction might be priceless. Does the Corellian (yes, Han’s planet is in the film along with Kessel) face off against Fight Droid 2 or is it more likely he and Chewbacca encounter this little terror in a gambling hall of some kind.”